Indoor Plant Packages

Make your design process as easy or as customized as possible with our selection of design packages.

Our Packages 

We ensure every client experience is personalized, delivering services with utmost care and professionalism. Whether you opt for our fully custom design services or choose from our curated plant rental options, our commitment to you remains steadfast. Our plant rental offerings feature preselected containers and plants, thoughtfully chosen for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. For every project, custom or rental, we meticulously determine the perfect placement of each plant in your space, ensuring it complements and enhances the environment. From the first consultation to the final placement, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.

The Essentials

Starting at $295 .00

/ month
  • Plant Variety: Two small plants, four medium plants, and two large plants. 
  • Pot Customization: Colors include white, grey and black color selection. 
  • Lease Term: 12-month minimum, with upfront payment of first and last months’ dues.
  • Installation Fee: $399.
  • Eco-Friendly Pots: Recyclable and LEED credit-eligible.                              


Starting at $ 365 .00

/ month
  • Plant Variety: One floral arrangement, four small plants, six medium plants, and four large plants.
  • Pot Customization: White, grey, black, and tan color selection.
  • Lease Term: 12-month minimum, with upfront payment of first and last months’ dues.
  • Installation Fee: $599.
  •  Eco-Friendly Pots: Recyclable and LEED credit-eligible.

The Signature

$ Based on Design

/ month
  • Customization: Fully tailored design with a $250 design fee, applicable to orders placed within six months.
  • Installation Cost: Customized based on the order.
  • Offerings: Includes moss and living walls, with a comprehensive selection of pots and plants including rare species.
  • Design Process: Inclusive hands on approach with one on one design.

The Essentials and Eco Luxe

Selecting our Essentials or Eco Luxe package marks the beginning of a seamless transformation of your space. Upon your choice, we'll gather insights about your preferences through a survey, including pot color selections and space descriptions.

Our Biophilic Designers will then review your space details and request photos to accurately assess plant placement. Their expertise guides the selection process, choosing plants that thrive in your specific environment, considering light conditions and space dynamics.

These packages provide rapid installation with a thoughtfully curated selection of plants, ensuring suitability and aesthetic appeal within each package's range.

The aim of the Essentials and Eco Luxe packages is to simplify the process while still offering a customized touch. We focus on ensuring that each plant arrangement is a perfect fit for your space, enhancing its natural beauty with minimal hassle

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The Signature Package

The Signature package at SereneSpaces is your gateway to a world where design meets personalization. Distinguished from the Essentials and Eco Luxe packages, it offers a fully customized plant design experience, tailored to your unique preferences and the specific requirements of your space.

In choosing The Signature package, you embark on a collaborative journey. Our dedicated designer works intimately with you, understanding every facet of your space and vision. This process includes in-depth discussions, possible on-site visits, and photo analyses, ensuring a perfect match of plants and containers for your environment.

Beyond a wide selection of exotic and rare plants, The Signature package uniquely incorporates Living Walls and Moss Art, turning your space into a living tapestry of natural beauty. These elements add a dynamic, artistic dimension, enriching your surroundings with life and color.

Every detail in The Signature package is meticulously planned, including a comprehensive light study to ensure the thriving of each installation. This package is not just about installing plants; it's about transforming your environment into an immersive, living work of art. It's a commitment to an enhanced lifestyle, where your space is a reflection of elegance, serenity, and bespoke design

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Hydroponics is a soil-free plant growing method using nutrient-rich water solutions. Wicking systems, a type of hydroponics, use a wick to draw water to the plant roots. Both methods offer efficient, low-maintenance plant care, ideal for indoor environments.

We communicate in advance the estimated time needed for the install  but clients are allocated a full day, allowing our team to work around your schedule for a smooth setup that minimizes office disruption. We  plan meticulously to ensure the process remains as seamless as possible, with all plants already assembled and ready to be placed. Maintenance visits are scheduled to be efficient and non-intrusive, ensuring your plants are cared for with minimal interruption to your daily activities. 

* The Signature Package installation may require more than one day

What is a LEED Credit?

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a globally recognized certification system for eco-friendly buildings. LEED credits are points awarded for specific green building strategies and practices. Incorporating plants and using recycled pots in a space can contribute to LEED credits as they enhance indoor environmental quality and promote sustainable practices. Plants improve air quality and energy efficiency, while recycled pots reduce waste, aligning with LEED's sustainability goals. 

In both our leasing and custom packages, we guarantee the health of our plants. If a plant under our care does not thrive or dies, we will replace it at no additional cost to the client. We also offer the flexibility for clients to choose a replacement from their selected package, ensuring continued satisfaction with their plant selection. This policy is part of our commitment to maintaining the quality and aesthetics of your space with healthy, vibrant plants.

During the initial survey phase, we take the time to understand your preferences, including any specific plant requests you may prefer. While we consider your likes in selecting plants, our primary focus is on ensuring the plants' success in your specific environment. Factors like lighting conditions and placement (e.g., near an exterior door or in low-light areas) play a crucial role in determining the most suitable plants for your space. We also do not include certain species within these packages as they may be more rare and would fall under our Signature package. Our expert team carefully selects each plant to thrive in its intended location, balancing your preferences with the practical aspects of plant care and maintenance. We also do not include certain species within these packages as they may be more rare and would fall under our Signature package.

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